11 Glamorous Bedroom Ideas That Look So Luxurious

If what you really want is a glamorous bedroom then you should have a glamorous bedroom. You work hard all day doing your daytime things, you should get to fall into a glamorous bed every night if that is what you want.

How do you know if it’s definitely what you want, though? I mean, decorating a whole bedroom is kind of a grand and sometimes expensive task, so you don’t really want to get it wrong.

Let’s look at some of the components of a glamorous bedroom and then some gorgeous examples so you can decide if it really is the style you’re looking for.

How Do You Make a Room Look Glamorous?

A glamorous bedroom is dramatic. It’s a little over the top. Maybe a lot over the top.

Beds are upholstered, possibly tufted and nailhead detail will probably make an appearance. And of course a canopy bed is totally glamorous.

The hard surfaces, like dressers have straight lines and if there are knobs or pulls, they should be shiny and reflective.

You’ll see mirrored surfaces, too. Mirrored bedside tables are very glam. Acrylic lamps offer a similar bit of sparkle.

When the sun peeks through the gauzy white curtains, a glam bedroom is going to glint.

The linens in a glamorous are voluminous and abundant. Soft and possibly shiny sheets, topped with a feathery duvet, topped with another duvet in a soft color, usually a dusty rose, topped again with a textured spread and topped YET AGAIN with a faux fur throw.

And let’s not forget the pillows.

Shiny, tassled, furry… sometimes all at once. And there’s a lot of them. You need something to fall on when you drop dramatically to the bed at the end of the day, right?

And while we’re talking about the soft things, sheepskin rugs are a staple in a glam room. On the floor, over the bed, tossed on the end of the bed bench.

Finally, you pretty much can’t get away with not having a chandelier in your glamorous bedroom. Why would you even want to?

11 Glamorous Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

So what do all of those things look like put together?

Most of the time it’s going to look like a sparkling, shiny sanctuary. But sometimes a glamorous bedroom looks dramatic and moody, too.

I’ve found glamorous bedrooms on all ends of that spectrum.

Major Drama

Glamorous has to have a little bit of drama. It can also have a whole lot of drama. And that’s what we have here.

If putting an insanely beautiful floral wallpaper on your ceiling is an option for you, then you should definitely consider doing it. This works because the of those black walls.

Because that is really something. I would recommend having the wallpaper hung by a pro. I don’t want to ever even paint a ceiling, never wall paper one.

Gold Accents

A proper glamorous bedroom should have some shiny gold accents. You can get away with silver accents or brass or even copper, but really gold is going to be the star.

Not a lot of gold. You can quickly go way over the top with the gold accessories, but small touches here and there.

This room has the wall art above the end and of course the bedframe, but the rest of the gold accents are minimal. It’s just enough.

A Little Shine

This is one of the more subdued glamorous rooms. It gets it’s richness from the layers of warm neutral colors.

That deep chocolatey brown is really beautiful in this room and starts to lean a little bit towards casual glamour.

What keeps this firmly in the realm of glamorous bedroom are those shiny objects. The mirrored nightstand, the gleaming bed frame and that sort of opalescent lamp. That’s a show stopper.

The pillows also have a bit of shimmer to them, too, don’t they?

Unexpected Colors

Most of the time when you see a “glam” room, it’s going to be really soft warm neutrals, beiges, grays and some soft pale pink.

But if you like a color that is a little unexpected, you can make it work in a glamorous bedroom.

In this room, that black accent wall is totally unexpected up against those pretty pink curtains. The very subtle pattern of that black wallpaper is beautiful.

Little Details

The details are going to really make a big difference in a glamorous bedroom. This bedroom has the small things covered.

There’s some fresh flowers which are totally glam. Those leopard print pillows which you just barely see are a great small touch. The nailhead detail on the bed, the mirrors behind the lampshades and the wall decor are perfectly glam.

And I don’t think there’s anything more glamorous or indulgent than a tray on your bed to hold your magazine and coffee. I think there’s actually a candle on that tray, though. Don’t put a candle on your bed tray.

Soft Calming Colors

If you want a bedroom that immediately says, relax when you walk in, then a glam bedroom is possibly perfect for you. Yes, there’s a lot of little shiny moments, but usually the glam look is about subdued, soft, calming colors.

You can go very glam with a lot of off white. Lots of different shades of off white make it a little more interesting and cozy.

This room feels like a little cloud to rest in. I do love the small pop of pink with those flowers, though. Like a little bit of sunset popping through the clouds.

Layered Linens

Glamour is about luxury and luxury is a lot of bed linens.

Remember the Princess and the Pea? The vast amount of linens you’ll find in a glamorous bedroom remind me of that. Except kind of upside down, but that’s beside the point.

That bed has got white sheets a beautiful gray patterned duvet, a white duvet, a pink spread and then that to do for faux fur throw at the end of the bed.

So many cozy blanket options. That’s glamorous.

Crystal Chandy

Almost every glamorous room is going to have a crystal chandelier. It’s almost mandatory.

And why not, right? I mean, it’s so pretty above the bed. Usually the chandelier is reserved for the dining room, but when do you get to sit in the dining room and gaze up at the crystals?

Never. I know you don’t have time for that. But, if you had one above your bed you could wake up to the glinting crystals every morning as the sun pours in. That’s kind of special.

Pop Of Color

glamorous bedroom with black wallpaper and four poster bed

If you just absolutely have to have a pop of your favorite color in your glamorous bedroom, you can do that.

This room has done it well with that beautiful green accent. There isn’t a lot of it, but because this room has a mostly neutral color scheme, the small bits of green really pop.

Make believe it’s your favorite color in there. Fuschia? Or a jewel toned blue? Really pretty.

One Very Bold Print

glamorous bedroom idea using faux fur throw blankets and ivory shag rug

One very easy way to add some drama to a room that is otherwise quiet is with one big bold pattern.

These pillows do that job to perfection. It’s just pillow covers, but, man, do they make a statement or what?

Sometimes that’s all you need to really add that touch of the dramatic that the glamorous room requires.

Go Dark

glamourous bedroom with black and grey bedding and pink floral wallpaper

This room is sort of the inverse of the first one we saw with the wallpaper on the ceiling and the black walls. Here we have black walls with a really pretty wallpaper on the walls.

There’s so much to love about this room. The wallpaper is amazing. But those drapes? I love those.

There’s a lot going on in here and it would be really easy to add one more thing to this room and ruin the whole thing. Or take one thing away (like that pink pillow!) and lose the whole effect.

This is very carefully done glam.

Are You Ready to Commit to a Glamorous Bedroom?

Did these glamorous bedroom ideas confirm your suspicions that you are a very glamorous woman who needs a chandelier over the bed?

I hope so. You deserve it. Go get your glam bedroom!

PS, If you’re worried about the budget for this shiny glamorous bedroom, check out this post about getting a glam bedroom on an Ikea budget.

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