The 10 Best Places to Buy Rugs Online

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My mom is someone who has to touch things before she buys them. I understand that, but it doesn’t outweigh the convenience of buying things like rugs online.

I definitely think when you’re buying online you want to pay close attention to any reviews that you can find, but if you find a great online seller that you feel you can trust and that meets your needs, then I say buy all the things online.

To help you figure out the right place for you to buy rugs online, I’ve broken down a list of 10 best places to buy rugs online that will meet anyone’s requirements.

10 Best Places To Buy Rugs Online

#1 Easiest to Clean Rugs

multicolor ruggable rug

If you have kids or pets or if you are clumsy and spill your wine every.single.time, then Ruggable is for you.

Ruggable is a rug system where you can wash the whole rug in the washing machine. I’m not talking about the little dinky rug that you put in front of the kitchen sink.

I’m talking full on up to 8×10 area rugs.

Or smaller if that’s what you want, but pretty much whatever size you need is going to be washable in the home washing machine (2.2 cubic ft washer for up to the 6×9 rugs and 3.3 cubic ft washer for an 8×10).

The rugs are a two part system of pretty rug top part plus a rug pad. They attach together and there’s a waterproof layer that keeps spills from making through to the rug pad.

And let’s not pretend we only care about how clean the rug can be. It has to look good, too, right? I finally got my Ruggable and you can read my full Ruggable review!

#2 Affordable Rugs

round floral rug, best places to buy rugs

Don’t go having preconceived notions about the kind of rugs you’re going to find at Walmart. Hear me out, ok?

Walmart has a stylish and budget-friendly home decor section. Seriously.

And we’re shopping online so you don’t even have to actually go to Walmart to reap the savings benefits.

That beautiful 6’7 round rug is only $114. You can’t believe it, right? No one else will either.

That one, nearly 8’x10′ is 99 bucks. Insane, right??

It might not be the highest quality rug you’ve ever seen in your life, but if you’re on a budget right now then you can still have some style that you won’t feel bad about sending to Goodwill when you aren’t on a budget.

#3 Best Variety

If you aren’t shopping on Overstock, let me tell you, you should be. I’ve bought lots of stuff for my home from Overstock and the quality is great.

But the best part about shopping for rugs on Overstock is there is a massive variety. Whatever your budget (big or small!) or your style, they have pages and pages of rugs for you to scroll through.

If that sounds a little overwhelming, not to worry, Overstock also does the best job of helping you narrow down your choices, in my opinion.

There are tons of filter options so that you are looking at only the rugs that have a chance of working for you.

You can look by size, price, color, style, material and on and on and on.

You can find unique options like this cowhide:

animal hide rug, best places to buy rugs, best places to buy area rugs online

Or this beauty:

multicolor traditional style rug with tassels on both ends, best places to buy rugs online

#4 Most Unique

Etsy is the best place to look when you want something that is going to make someone say,

Where did you get that??

It’s true of the rug selection, too. They have an amazing selection of handmade and vintage rugs that you just can’t find on other sites.

The Turkish rugs on Etsy are some of my favorites: They are a little more expensive, but they are truly special. The colors are gorgeous.

unique multicolor boho style rug, turkish rugs on etsy
beautiful dark blue and purple turkish rug

#5 Most Convenient

rug from amazon

Of course if it’s convenience you’re looking for, Amazon is perfect. Point click and have it in 2 days. At least usually. I have bought so many rugs from Amazon because I am too lazy to go to a store and look for one and haul it back.

They have some beautiful options including lookalikes for those Turkish rugs we saw on Etsy.

The materials aren’t the same, but neither are the prices. Amazon rugs are definitely easy on the budget.

This 6×9 is $150. Style at your doorstep in a flash.

#6 High End Rugs

high end rugs, anthropologie best place to buy rug, anthro rugs

If I’m going to spend a lot of money on something, I go for a brand that I know and love. For me that’s Anthropologie.

I love the laid back Bohemian vibe you get with anything you purchase from Anthro and the rugs are no different.

There are a lot of beautiful rugs in the world, but the selection at Anthropologie seems perfectly curated for their customer so you don’t really have to worry whether or not you’re going to love it.

#7 Most Allergy Friendly

natural rugs

If you have a family member with allergies, a rug might be out of the question. But, before you say goodbye to rugs for sure, check out Natural Rug Company.

They are beautiful for one thing.

But they are also made of allergy friendly materials that might just work for you.

Because these rugs are made of natural materials with no VOC’s, they are also a better choice for our planet.

#8 Best Discounts

rug from macys

Macy’s isn’t the best known place to get rugs, but they have deeply discounted prices on luxury rugs that bargain hunters will really love. Check out their clearance section.

Macy’s also has a great guide to choosing the right size rug for your. This is harder and more important to get right than you might think.

#9 Best Story

very artistic rug which has a western look

Revival is the place to go for that special piece. The heirloom type of rug that has a story that you can pass on.

Yes, things like that still exist. It seems like we live in a world where everything is disposable sometimes, which makes Revival that much more special.

The rugs at Revival are authentic, handmade and vintage. They have a story built in and they are waiting for you to make your story.

If that’s important to you, and I think it should be, then Revival is for you.

The rugs are beautiful and unique so you know you’re getting something special.

#10 Massive Selection

shag area rug that is a cream color

If you’re the type of person that feels like you have to look at 8,000 options before making a decision, then Wayfair is for you.

Wayfair is super convenient and they do a great job of offering you as many things as you want to look at while still giving you all the filters you need to narrow down your choice.

Because there are a lot of rugs. I mean, a LOT. Like this one:

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