10 IKEA Trivet Hacks: Fast And Easy Decorating Ideas

Ikea is obviously so fun to shop at.  Ikea hacks are even more fun. Their stuff is great for hacking because it’s inexpensive and usually very minimal. Ikea trivet hacks are just that. Plain old cork coasters elevated to something special.

This Ikea piece can be a clock. Or a message board or a bunch of other cool things I’m about to show you. So grab a few packs!

What is a trivet?

Cup of tea with the blue teapot on a cork trivet on a blue table, ikea trivet hacks

A trivet is a small stand used for holding hot items such as pots and pans. They are usually made of heavy-duty metal, although they can also be made from wood or even ceramic. Their purpose is to provide a stable surface on which to place hot items when they are removed from the stove, oven or microwave. This prevents damage to surfaces like a kitchen island, countertops and tables.  

10 Ways To Hack Ikea Cork Trivets

Thumbtack Mirror

I’m starting with this thumbtack mirror because I think it is such a great and dramatic transformation from the humble cork pad.

And no one would probably ever guess who really simple this hack is. You can totally do this. In like, 20 minutes probably. Find the full tutorial for the Thumbtack Mirror on Curbly.

Personalized Kitchen Accessories

This hack doesn’t change the function, but it totally elevates it by burning these adorable designs into the cork.

I have to admit, this one is a smidge tricky and requires you to have some wood burning tools. If you’re patient and willing to grab the tools you need, you can do this and you will love it. You’ll love it because using the wood burning tools is mesmerizing. It smells good and it’s just so satisfying to see the design come to life.  You can find the full tutorial for the Burned Trivets on Where The Smiles Have Been.

Not everyone has a wood burner in their craft room though! So, you could use paint and stencils but this would probably only work if you are using these crafts as mainly shelf decor.

Catch All Wall Pockets

This is hands down my favorite Ikea trivet hack. There’s no other way to describe this than, cool. It’s cool, right? I love the leather. I love that it’s stylish but in a very utilitarian way.  And who knew that you could find a way to use an ikea cork trivet for storage!

You can find the tutorial for the Catch All Wall Pockets on The Jungalow.

Wall Sconce

Wait someone made a wall sconce out of a trivet. Just wrap your brain around the level of creativity that takes.

Go to Ikea. See the trivet. Look them over. Think… think… Wall sconce!

That’s just not something that happens with me, I can tell you that right now. This is why I love getting inspiration from others.

You can find the tutorial for this Wall Sconce on Apartment Therapy.

Jewelry Organizer

This hack uses pins to hold that pretty fabric in place and then is transformed into a jewelry organizer! You can find the full instructions for the Jewelry Organizer on Smart & Snazzy.

Notice Board

It’s basically the same material as, you guessed it, a cork board.  Which means IKEA trivets are also perfect for sticking thumbtacks or other small sharp objects into it.

I can see this happening in dorm rooms across America. It’s simple and cheap. Perfect for college students. You can find the full tutorial for the Message Board on Make Calm Lovely.

Painted Photo Frames

I really love these pretty painted photo frames. This is simple and a great reason to get some of those awesome photos off your phone. I can also see this done with other images. Maybe a circle cut out of a sentimental card you just can’t toss?

Grab some spray paint and check out the full tutorial for the Painted Photo Frame on Dream Green DIY.

Plant Hanger

This is the funkiest and most elaborate on this list. Not a quick and easy hack for beginners, but its doable at any skill level! This took some serious imagination, people. I mean, that is really a creative piece for your living space. I’ve seen tons of macrame plant hangers that this reminds me of, but nothing quite like this!

You can find the full tutorial for the Plant Hanger on Ikea Hackers.

Funky Mirror

You know what I really love about those wild looking mirror made from the trivet? I love that if you closely it looks like it is made of things you found in your kids junk toy drawer. But, from a distance, it all works together. And it couldn’t be further from the beige blah cork trivet. You can find the full tutorial for the Funky Mirror on Ikea Hackers.


I couldn’t leave this cute guy out. I mean, the colors aren’t my taste, to be honest, but the colors are completely up to you. I do blue probably where they’ve done red, but overall this is adorable for a kid’s room. Does it get your brain thinking about what other animals you could make out of these?  You can find the tutorial for the Turtle on Ikea Hackers.

caramel candies in a ceramic dish on a woven trivet, ikea trivet hacks

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