Adorable Ikea Hacks for Toddlers Rooms That Inspire

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One of my favorite places in Ikea is the Babies & Kids section. It feels like a magical little kids spot full of imagination.

And Toddlers are all about imagination, right? Make believe and dress up and finger paints. Ikea furniture and accessories are perfect for making something unique for your Toddler’s space.

Let these Ikea Hacks for Toddlers inspire you to make something adorable. The best Ikea hacks for toddlers are going to inspire your toddler to learn or play. Actually both. Because that’s how they learn, right? From play

10 Ikea Hacks for Toddlers That are Full of Imagination

Floral Play Table

This is probably the most perfect tea time table I have seen.

That floral print is cute without being too cutesy. And I love the chalk paint finish.

You can find the full tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion.

A Smart Bookshelf

Books for toddlers should be displayed with their covers facing out like shown in this Ikea spice rack hack.

It makes it easier to grab a book when the little one can see what’s on the cover.

The fact that this does double duty to hang tomorrow’s outfit is0 a bonus!

You can find the full tutorial on Domino.

Toddler Art Table

This is a brilliant Ikea hack that makes Arts & Crafts time simple and fun. The table has a roll of paper so that when Toddler is done, you can rip of their creation and hang it!

And there’s a chalkboard beneath the paper, so you can use it for chalk drawings, too!

The containers on the side help keeping the crayons and markers easy to get to and easy to put away.

You can find the full tutorial on Freckles.

Adorable Learning Ladder

Learning ladders are great for, you know, learning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make one that fits in perfectly with your kitchen design, too.

This one made from a Bekvam stool is a great example.

You can find the full tutorial for this Ikea hack for toddlers on A Beautiful Mess.

Toy Storage Hack

Toddler stuff does not just hang out in Toddler’s room, right? They have toys all over the house.

I like this storage hack for toys in the living room. It’s a coffee table, but it’s also got toy storage that allows your kiddo to actually see the toys!

They’ll be more likely to play with them AND put them away if they can see where they go.

You can find the full tutorial on Oh Joy.

Toddler Tool Time

Simple pretend play is the best! I love the idea of setting up a little tool area for play because it corrals all of the “tool” stuff in one area that makes sense.

Rather than having your tools spead out in different bins, they are all in the “tool” area. When you think about it, this is exactly how the best play areas are set up.

You can find the full tutorial on Ikea Hackers.

Kitchen Play

The kids play kitchen is a classic toy. I had one. My kids had one.

The only thing I never loved about the one my kids had was how plastic and not real life looking it was.

This Ikea kids kitchen looks like a REAL kitchen, but mini.

You can find the full tutorial on Lauren Koster.

Pretend BBQ

I can’t say that I’ve come across a kids play BBQ set before and I am so glad I did.

This is adorable and I can totally see a toddler flipping burgers here. It’s adorable.

You can find the tutorial at the end of this post from Sammy Demmy.

Dress Up Wardrobe

Doesn’t this feel like a little miniature dressing room? I feel like I’m backstage at a Theatre on Toddler Broadway.

Everything is easy to reach and see, perfect independent Toddler play and who doesn’t love some independent play?

So Mommy can have her coffee?

You can find the full tutorial on Rain On A Tin Roof.

Simple Dollhouse

A dollhouse was one of my favorite toys when I was a kid. I love this take on it.

I could see this getting hours of use for years and years. It’s such a simple but brilliant idea.

You can find the full tutorial on Ikea Hackers.

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