12 Ikea Small Storage Hacks For the Little Things In Life

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It’s all the little stuff in your life that is a problem, isn’t it? I mean, you never find the TV is out of place, do you? But your scissors? Your charger cords? That stuff needs some small storage hacks or it’s gone forever with all the missing socks.

Ikea is great for all things storage, but I found some really interesting small storage hacks that I think will help get all the little stuff corralled.

12 Ikea Small Storage Hacks So You Know Where Everything Is

These ideas I’m going to show you are meant to be inspiration. You might see those hanging buckets with hair stuff in them and think, I love that and I could totally use it next to me desk for all of my office supplies. Like my scissors.

(You should know I have a problem with never being able to find scissors, so that might come up a lot. I definitely need some fun Ikea small storage hacks to remedy my scissor problem.)

So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and maybe hack some of these hacks!

Hanging Bucket Hair Crap Holder

We all know using vertical space is the key to clearing off your counters.

That is never more true than it is in the bathroom. The real estate in there is very limited and once you’ve got the blow dryer and the flat iron out, you’re pretty much endangering lives. You know in case one falls in the sink while you’re brushing your teeth.

These hanging buckets are perfect to get all of the little stuff that is so easily knocked over, off the counter and up and out of your face.

You can get all of the details on the hanging bucket organizer at Glamour.

(If you need more bathroom storage ideas, we got em!).

Mail Holder Hacker for the Entry

The entry is a great collector of junk. We have a tendency to just “plunk” in the entry. We’re weary travellers and can’t carry the mail or the keys another inch, so we toss them down.

That’s fine as long as you have a place to toss them down to.

This little DIY mail sorter and shelf is perfect for plunking. And it is quite adorable, too, I think.

You can find the details for this organization hack on Instructables.

Organize the Cleaning Stuff with the Plastic Bag Organizer

It’s kind of meta, right? (Is it? I don’t really know what that means).

This thing that is meant to organize one thing can have a whole secret life organizing other things! Like cleaning supplies.

Or shower stuff.

You can find 3 totally interesting ways to organize with this plastic bag organizer that don’t involve plastic bags over at Apartment Therapy.

Makeup Brush Organizer

I’m not HUGE into makeup, but even with the little makeup I do apply, I can see why storing your makeup brushes like this would be a good idea.

Because I can never find the one I want at the bottom of the make up bag.

And this is totally one you can think outside of the box on. This would be great for colored pencils. Or paintbrushes. Or scissors, even!

You can find the details for the makeup brush organizer over at Makeup Savvy.

Denim Storage Boxes

I went back and forth deciding whether or not to include these awesome boxes in this list. They are technically storage.

But they aren’t really a “hack”. They are more like decorating.

But, boy, are they cute! So, for you, cause I know you like cute, I added them in.

You can find the tutorial for making these denim storage boxes at Pillar Box Blue.

A Ring Dish

Do you know you’re supposed to take off your rings when you do the dishes or wash your hands? I don’t. Because I know exactly what would happen if I did that.

They’d go down the drain, or I would lose them in some other fashion.

But, if you are taking them off while using the sink, you should have a cute little place to keep them, right? This little ring dish is perfect for the small storage of your rings.

You can see the full tutorial at Paper N Stitch.

The Shoe Cabinet for Anything But Shoes

The Ikea shoe cabinet is bordering on not being small storage, but since it’s got such a great shallow profile, I’m calling it small storage.

It’s intended for shoes, but I’m going to tell you a secret. No one comes to your house and scolds you if you put other stuff in it.

Over at Polished Habitat, they found 14 DIFFERENT ways to use the shoe cabinet that don’t involve shoes.

And they are free to roam the earth.

A Ribbon Organizer

Ribbon is one of the offenders of my budget. I buy ribbon, I use it, I chuck it in a drawer and I forget that it EVER EXISTED.

Then I need ribbon again and I go buy some more. See what I mean? It’s like I have ribbon amnesia.

This cute little hack from keeping all the ribbon in one place AND easy to deal with is perfect. That’s a utensil holder from Ikea, by the way.

You can get all the ribbon holding details over at Heathered Nest.

Charging Station

Chargers, cords, input thingies… these are all the bane of my existence. An uncharged device has been the cause of many a meltdown. And I’m not talking about kids, I’m talking about me.

I cannot STAND when my phone is nearly dead. If it’s nearly dead, I’m in NO mood to go look for a charger.

A charging station like this one would be more than just small storage for my charging crap. It would improve my blood pressure and quality of life.

You can get the details on this DIY charger station over at Hometalk.

Label Your Bins

Labeling a bin elevates its storage capabilities. It’s now not just a place to throw your junk in.

It’s a place to throw the specific junk it is asking for in. That makes a big difference.

It’s one step further to never having to think about where your bobby pins are.

You can find the details on these cute labels at Just Another Mummy Blog.

Use ALL The Closet Space

If you have an awkward spot in the closet, you might be able to add some additional hanging space with this brilliant hack that comes directly from Ikea.

You can use a shelf hanger as a forward facing (I don’t know exactly how to describe this better than the picture does) hanging space for your clothes.

It’s more like the way you might see clothes hung in a classy boutique.

This would be great in any closet. If you’ve got a teeny tiny entry closet, this could solve a lot of space problems for you.

Double Up the Shower Rod

I don’t know who invented the shelves that are in showers, but I’m going to be honest, those things are useless.

Nothing wants to stay on them. I swear they are a little sloped and then wet and soapy. Forget it. All of my shampoo is at the bottom of the tub.

Instead, you could install a second shower rod and hang little baskets for your shampoo and other stuff. Way better, right?

You can find the details for this brilliant hack at Ikea.

Do You Need More Help Than Just Some Hacks?

Getting things tidy with some cute hacks is fun. But sometimes clutter is beyond a few simple hacks.

If you need help clearing the clutter, I’ve found a decluttering system that beats anything I’ve ever read or tried on getting organized.

Declutter Fast” is an ebook that tackles the clutter issues you have and helps you figure out exactly how to get it under control quickly and painlessly.

Clutter can be overwhelming. This book will help you get out from underneath the mess and enjoy your home again.

Now Go Get All The Small Things

Did you get the Green Day reference? If not you’re probably just a smidge younger than me, but that’s ok. Go find it on your iPod or whatever.

But really, do you feel like you can start to gain some control over all of the little things in life with these Ikea Small Storage hacks? I hope so.

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