Blue Bedroom Ideas for a Serene Sanctuary

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Ok, I know, “blue bedroom” isn’t really a style of bedroom. But hear me out.

If you really don’t know where to begin in planning the style of your bedroom, a color choice might be a great place to start. A blue bedroom can go in many different directions, it all depends on what you choose to accent it with.

About A Blue Bedroom

Did you know that Blue is the most popular favorite color? Among men and women, blue wins and it wins by quite a bit.

I’m not surprised. It’s my favorite color. It’s a very calming color that might remind you of the sky or the ocean depending on what shade you choose. It’s perfect for a bedroom.

If you know it’s blue that you want, then it’s just to figuring out what accents you want with it. Because blue can go Traditional, Beachy, Farmhouse or Minimalist quite easily. You can stretch it to some of the other Styles, too, but those four will be the easiest.

Let’s take a look at some blue bedrooms and you can see if it’s the right choice for you.

10 Blue Bedrooms For a Calm Vibe

#1 Inky Blue Walls

You could almost fall right into those walls. They don’t even look solid, they are just more night sky inside your bedroom.

Paired with that dusty rose accent color and this room is like an awake dream. I might just end this list right now because you probably don’t need to see anymore blue bedrooms.

This one wins. I’ll show you more because that’s what you came for, but this room is the end.

You can find the details for this room on Adore Magazine.

#2 Crisp Blue

There’s not more than a very subtle difference between the blue on these walls and the previous room, but this room has a completely different look.

All that white trim and white linens make for a bright, crisp bedroom.

That’s a lot of throw pillows, though, right? I definitely lean toward Minimalist when it comes to pillows on the bed, but to each their own. It does make for a comfy looking room.

You can find all of the details for this blue bedroom on Studio McGee.

#3 Patterned Blue Room

That blue grass cloth wallpaper gives this room a much lighter feel than the dark blue walls we’ve seen previously. This is a great room to wake up to.

It’s bright and airy and energizing without breaking that serenity that blue offers.

I’d love to see more of that purple that is in the pot of flowers on the bedside table in this room. Just one more little pop of color.

You can find all of the details for this room at In My Own Style.

#4 Meditative Blue

This is what I think of when I think about blue as a calm color. This dusty blue is beautiful, but not overpowering. It’s a “relax your shoulders” kind of blue. Like the weight of the day falls off of you when you walk in.

This mostly monochrome, pattern free room would not be the same without that one bright yellow blanket on the right.

You can find the details for this room on Little House On The Corner.

#5 Rumpled Blue Room

Tousled. Rumpled. I love a room that looks like it’s totally lived in and comfy but not messy.

I haven’t figured out how acheive this look of wrinkled linens looking like you just stepped out of bed and threw on a little shift dress, plumped your hair and faced the day like a warrior.

I don’t know, my sheets are rumpled, but the rest of that look eludes me.

You can find all of the details for this room at Idle Hands Awake.

#6 All The Blues

blue bedroom decor with blue and white floral wallpaper, modern blue bedroom idea

OH MY that wallpaper. Just. It’s, I mean. I love it. Is what I’m trying to say.

Ok, if you can take your eyes off of the wallpaper for a second, the rest of this room is just layer up on layer upon layer of all the variations of blue.

There’s multiple colors and textures happening in here, but keeping them all blue makes this room really, really calm and cool.

You can find the details for this room at Houzz.

#7 Contemporary Blue

navy blue velvet wall paneling, beautiful blue bedroom ideas

Here’s a blue bedroom without a lick of blue paint. If you’re apartment living and dying for a blue bedroom, these luxe blue velvet wall panels can get you that blue bedroom.

Now, you’re going to need to go contemporary and updated with the rest of your accents and furnishes just like this room or else the panels might be a little 70’s and not in a good way.

You can find the detils for this room on Houzz.

#8 Boho Blue

blue boho bedroom

This warm blue is perfect in this collected blue Boho bedroom.

A wall of books is a dream. I love the plants that are sprinkled in the shelves, too.

But, it’s the little red-ish and orange-ish accents in this room that keep this room looking really warm and cozy. Just a little, though. A little accent color, like in that rug, goes a long way in this room.

You can find all of the details for this room on Houzz.

#9 Minimalist Blue Bedroom

blue minimalist bedroom, navy blue accent wall and white bedding

If you love the Minimalist lifestyle but you still want a bedroom that has style impact, then consider a dark color like navy blue.

A deep, dark color sets enough of a mood for a room that you don’t need lots of accessories and throw pillows to express your style.

I could take a lot of naps in that room. It’s completely calming and non-distracting. I made that word up, non-distracting, but I think you get what I mean.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#10 Blue-Green Bedroom

teal blue accent wall in bedroom

If you’re stuck in between blue and green, then this beautiful blue green color might be perfect for you. In my opinion, a blue bedroom is going to be a better long term choice, although a deep emerald green sounds pretty awesome, too.

This color set off by those pretty warm wood accents is a really great look. All of those natural elements, the wood, the plants and the rattan keep this room really pretty and fresh.

You can find all of the details for this room on Houzz.

Is A Blue Bedroom for You?

Did one of these beautiful blue bedrooms speak to you? Have you made your final choice to spark the style of your bedroom?

I sleep really well in a navy blue bedroom every night but check out other blue wall paint ideas!

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