Pottery Barn Look Alike Bedroom For Ikea Budget!

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Pottery Barn is classic style. If you like a relaxed traditional look for your bedroom, then it’s the store for you. But you better have some extra cash because it is not cheap. No worries though. You can get a Pottery Barn look alike bedroom at Ikea prices. Pottery Barn Dupe!

If money is no object, then go splurge at Pottery Barn. They are a much loved brand and you can be confident that you’re going to get quality furniture, bedding and decor.

But if budget is a concern for you, you can still get that PB look on a much teenier budget. I’ll show you how.

The Pottery Barn Inspiration Bedroom

This bedroom to me is classic Pottery Barn style. The black painted furniture modernizes the really more traditional elements like that duvet set. Imagine that against an old fashioned oak bed frame.

Not quite as handsome, right?

But against the black furniture and with a few other black touches, it looks modern and interesting.

Wonderful. Now how much does this Modern Interesting Bedroom cost.


That’s approximately because I didn’t get every last detail and pared down the framed art to just two framed prints. So I tried to save you a little cash on the Pottery Barn look, ok?

Collage of Pottery Barn bedroom items

It’s still very expensive. Here’s a break down of the elements and what I might consider splurging on.

Queen Chloe Bed: $799. That’s not a terrible price for a bed, really. What’s great about this bed and would be perfect for someone who is kind of just finding their way with their style is that it can really go with almost anything.

It is black and that’s a bold choice, but there’s not a definite style to the shape of it and black is going to go with pretty much whatever you choose for linens. This isn’t a bad place to splurge if want to.

Chloe Dresser – $999. A better place to splurge is going to be on this dresser. The dresser has a greater presence in the room and it has moving parts.

Moving parts means you want to be sure you got something that is quality made and isn’t going to have drawers that fall apart any time soon. So if I’m picking one place to splurge, this is it.

Of course it’s the most expensive thing on the list (more expensive than the ENTIRE Ikea room), so it might also just be completely out of budget for many.

Chloe Nightstand – $299. This is a perfectly serviceable night stand. I like the look of it. It’s got storage. No complaints.

But I don’t really feel like I need to spend 300 bucks on “serviceable”. An Ikea replacement will do just as well here.

Dessi Percale Comforter – $169. This is NOT the comforter from the inspiration room. That one seems to be out of stock or out of season or something because it is nowhere to be found. Truthfully, I like this one better anyways!

blue and white pottery barn comforter

This is another great place to splurge. $169 for the duvet isn’t terrible and it does give you a beautiful pop of color in a very Pottery Barn style. If this one doesn’t float your boat, there are TONS of other colors/styles to choose from. I found some I loved but that weren’t any where near a match to the one for the inspiration.

Aria Glass Table Lamp – $239 – I don’t know about you but I have never even dreamed of spending that much money on lamps. But, man these are slick! When you see how close the Ikea one is, you will probably not notice a difference.

Seagrass Baskets – $39.50 each. I really do love the look of these baskets and I couldn’t find anything that was a great match for these at Ikea, so not a terrible idea to splurge on a couple of these. But, there is also a part of me that says, I can’t spend that much on one basket! I’m indifferent to baskets.

Mercury Glass Scented Candle – $19.50. I couldn’t find the pretty blue candle that is sitting on the nightstand, but I did find some lovely mercury glass candles that would look great on that nightstand.

Lake Memories Print – $169 each. There’s a whole collage of framed boating prints in the inspiration, but let’s pretend you’re going to start with just two framed images. I picked these pretty Lake prints.

Riviera Stripe Roman Shade – $219. Wooo, that’s expensive for some roman shades! At the time I’m writing this, they are on sale…but still! They are obsession-worthy and I’m sure the quality is perfection, but that’s a lot of money. I have FOUR windows in my bedroom. I couldn’t swing that.

Faux Potted Travellers Palm Tree – $249. I’m not a fan of faux plants. But if I were going to buy a faux plant, I would want to know that I was getting something that was good quality. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen this in real life, so if you’re considering this as a splurge, go to PB and make sure you love it.

The Pottery Barn Look Alike from Ikea

Ikea can get you a pretty similar look and it will save you a few bucks. Quite a few bucks actually.

The Ikea room come in at:


Pretty good, right?

Here’s a breakdown of each piece.

Collage of Ikea bedroom items

Queen Hasselvika Bed – $299. That’s a great price for that pretty bed, isn’t it? It’s not quite as simple as the Pottery Barn bed, but it is is still a classic look.

One thing to note with the furniture choices I’ve made at Ikea is that they are Brown/Black. So not a true black like the Pottery Barn furniture.

Hemnes Dresser – $399. The Hemnes is an Ikea classic. There is also a bed in the Hemnes line if you want the dresser to match the bed, but it’s not as a close a match to the bed in the inspiration room.

Hemnes Nightstand – $129. This is a pretty good match for the Pottery Barn nightstand. It’s not quite as big and it’s one shelf short, but it’s a similar look and feel. At much smaller cost.

Jattevalmo Duvet Set – $30. I did have a hard time finding something really close to the inspiration room at Ikea, but this blue and white duvet set will give you the feel, I think. And it’s a pretty nice savings from what I found at Pottery Barn, too.

Sammanhang Cork Box – $15. This isn’t really close to those beautiful baskets in the inspiration, but they are the closest in form and function that I could find at Ikea. And you get 3 for the half the price of one of the Pottery Barn baskets. I think I’d still consider getting the Pottery Barn baskets, though.

Njutning Candle – $8. Do you remember how much the Pottery Barn candle was? $59. You could get 7 of these and a breakfast at Ikea for $59. I have a few Ikea candles and they do smell great, too.

Allanit Lamp – $55. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve seen this lamp at Ikea before and been like, “Nah, that’s too expensive!”.

But now after seeing how similar this is to the Pottery Barn one, I’m like, that’s cheap! I’ll probably be getting a couple of these for my bedroom.

Ringblomma Shade – $25. Window treatments are definitely one of those things that you kind of get what you pay for. You’re going to save a ton of money if you get the Ikea version of these blinds. But the Pottery Barn ones like WAY nicer.

Snowy Posters + 2 Ribba Frames – $38 total. Ikea has an amazing selection of wall art. This is just one option. You could also go with a their wrapped canvas art. Those are beautiful. Definitely save your money here.

Fejka Fiddle Leaf – $50. I have seen the Fejka Fiddle Leaf in person and it is not bad for a faux plant. If I were in the market for a faux plant, I would have no problem spending fifty bucks on this one.

Now You Decide Where to Splurge

Are you convinced you can get the traditional but relaxed style of Pottery Barn at Ikea? Are you thinking about how to stretch your dollar and where to splurge?

Seeing the prices side by side like that do make it a lot easier to make a decision, I think, so I hope you are on your way to the bedroom of your dreams.

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