Forest Green Kitchen Trend: Get This Moody Nature Look

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Forest green, a deep and verdant shade, is rapidly transforming modern kitchens into luxurious, nature-inspired escapes. If you’re seeking a dramatic yet sophisticated kitchen update, a forest green palette could be your ideal solution.

It’s such a hot trend so we’re providing you with inspirational ideas for incorporating this breathtaking color into your own kitchen.

Why Forest Green?

  • Versatility: Forest green’s richness allows it to work beautifully with various aesthetics. It pairs seamlessly with both traditional and modern designs, enhancing any space with its unique allure.
  • Grounded Luxury: This color creates a sense of opulence reminiscent of deep, lush forests. It adds a touch of sophistication that elevates the kitchen from merely functional to truly extraordinary.
  • Timeless Appeal: While undeniably on-trend, this dark green shade has an enduring quality. It draws inspiration from nature’s evergreens, making it a choice that’s likely to stand the test of time.

Making Forest Green Work for Your Kitchen


The boldest way to introduce forest green is through your cabinets. This establishes a dramatic focal point and provides a rich backdrop for your other design elements.


Try pops of forest green through backsplashes, feature walls, or even appliances. This adds interest and layers in the color without overwhelming smaller spaces.

Balancing the Darkness

If you don’t want the moody look all the time, ensure the right balance of light and dark to avoid the room feeling too heavy. Pair forest green with warm whites, neutral countertops, or natural wood tones. Plenty of natural light also helps counteract the deep shade.

Hardware Finishes

Metallic accents are essential. Consider polished brass for a classic, elegant feel or brushed nickel for a more modern touch.

Forest Green Kitchen Styles

  • Modern Farmhouse: Forest green cabinetry with rustic wood accents and open shelving creates a cozy yet refined appeal.
  • Sleek and Contemporary: Combine matte forest green cabinets with sleek lines and minimalist hardware for a high-end, contemporary feel.
  • Traditional Grandeur: Combine forest green with marble countertops, ornate hardware, and perhaps a statement island for a classic yet dramatic traditional kitchen.

Additional Tips

  • Samples: Bring paint and material samples into your kitchen to visualize how forest green will work in your specific space and lighting conditions.
  • Statement Pieces: If full forest green cabinetry feels too bold, consider a statement island or range hood in this striking color.
  • Embrace Texture: Add layers and interest through textured fabrics, woven baskets, and lush greenery to complement your forest green elements.

Are you ready to transform your kitchen with the timeless beauty of forest green?

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