Amazon’s Umbra Brand: A Favorite For Decor and Organizing

I want to introduce you to the Umbra Brand on Amazon.

Maybe you already know Umbra. If not, then I’m so excited for you to get to know this slick, modern line of home decor and organization products.

Wait. What Is Umbra?

If you like Ikea, then you’ll probably love the Umbra brand. Umbra offers functional home decor products and organizing items.

Whether you choose an organizing product or a home decor product you’re going to get something with beautiful, minimal design. Simple and clean.

In no particular order here are just some of the Umbra products I found on Amazon that just make sense for the home.

13 Umbra Home Products You Will Love For Your Home

Umbra Plant Stand

umbra standing plant stand

See what I mean about how if you like Ikea you’ll love Umbra? It’s pretty blonde wood paired with white with just enough design to be stylish, while still serving it’s purpose perfectly.

This plant stand is will add a lot of life to a dark corner of your home. Just remember that if you put it in a dark corner you’ll need some low light plants. Or fake plants. I won’t judge.

You can find the Umbra Plant stand on Amazon.

Umbra Penguin Soap Pump

umbra penguin soap dispenser

I love that this soap pump is not exactly like a penguin, but it is also clearly a penguin. It’s cute without being childish.

Anytime you can add a little bit of form to something as functional as a soap pump, you should. It’s little things like this that elevate the whole look of a room.

I mean you can have that cute thing, or a bottle of Palmolive. Which looks better? And the penguin dispenser functions better, too. Just tap the top for soap instead of tipping over the bottle of Palmolive.

You can find the Penguin Soap Dispenser on Amazon.

Umbra Dish Rack

umbra dish rack

Let’s stay at the kitchen sink check out this sleep dish rack. I know. “Sleek” and “dish rack” don’t usually go together.

But look at the thought that went into this dishrack. It’s got a little spot to hang your wine glasses so they drip dry without the threat of being knocked over. There’s even a little tunnel underneath for the draining water to get back to the sink.

If you need a dish rack you deserve one that is smartly designed and doesn’t look half bad, either.

You can find the Umbra Dish Rack on Amazon.

Umbra Wall Organizer

umbra wall mounted glasses holder and keys are hanging off the bottom too

I love the simple brilliance of this wall organizer. It’s so economically made. There’s no waste. It’s so perfect for the little bits that end up on the counter or worse, in that place that you always forget about.

But. I like this wall organizer even better like this:

umbra cylindrical cups that can hold plants too

OH! Amazing, right?

You can find the Umbra Wall Organizer on Amazon.

Geometric Wall Sculptures

umbra geometric wall art pieces

A little bit of three dimensional decor on your walls goes a very long way. I could have included these in my Gallery Wall Ideas post, actually.

If you’ve got a wall that needs a little something more than just those flat frames, these geometric sculptures might be just what you need.

They work great as air plant holders, too.

You can find the Geometric Wall Sculptures on Amazon.

umbra l-shape picture frame

If you don’t have a gallery wall and you want one, consider this as a really unique option.

Instead of hanging a bunch of different frames (which can be a pain to do), Umbra has these Tetris like puzzles of frames that you can use to create a really interesting gallery wall.

You can find the Umbra Gallery Wall frames on Amazon.

Umbra Ring Holder

umbra rose gold decor pieces and also hold rings

I do believe these adorable little copper-ish animal shape ring holders speak for themselves.

This is one of those things that either it speaks to you or it doesn’t.

It speaks to me. I love these.

You can find the Umbra Ring Holders on Amazon.

Umbra Floating Shelf

metal wire shelf with built in succulent holder

More perfectly simple design. I love this little shelf. It’s minimal enough that whatever you place on it will be the star of the show.

But then it’s got that super fun plant holder up on top. It just makes me smile. This is something that just makes me happy to look at.

You can find the Umbra Floating Shelf on Amazon.

Umbra Jewelry Display

umbra jewelry organizer

Let’s just look at this for a minute. Dark warm wood that let’s the jewelry you’ll put inside shine.

Simple design that isn’t screaming for attention but somehow gets it anyway.

And function that can’t be beat. The way the tiers slide out so you can see everything? It’s brilliant.

PS – It works great as a makeup organizer, too.

You can find the Umbra Jewelry Display on Amazon.

Umbra Photo Display

umbra decorative picture holder

Do you ever say to yourself, I should really get these pictures off my phone! And then in the same instant you think, but what would I do with them?

This is what you do with them. This photo display is a chic upgrade to the clothespin on some wire technique you did in college.

You can find the Umbra Photo Display on Amazon.

Umbra Wall Frame

geometric wall art

I love the utilitarian, but also art gallery look of these wall frames.

They are simple enough that they allow the framed image to really stand out, but they also have their own small statement to make, too. They are interesting but happy to take second place to the framed art.

You can find the Umbra Wall Frames on Amazon.

Umbra Desk Caddy

umbra wooden toolbox caddy

I’m calling this a desk caddy. But you could fill this adorable little caddy with pretty much whatever you want.

Makeup. Arts & Crafts stuff. Um, use your imagination. If you need a place to put stuff, this might be the place to put it!

You can find the Umbra Desk Caddy on Amazon.

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