I Thought I Had It All Figured Out…

We’ve all reached that breaking point that I reached after that no good, very bad, disorganized morning that I told you about.  When enough is enough and we’re going to make a change once and for all.

It might be a particularly bad morning.

It might be the time you had to drive to the Town Hall three towns over to get your kids birth certificate for baseball because you can’t find it.  (Again) (I made that trip to that Town Hall THREE times over the course of three years).

Whatever is the impetus, we get a wave of motivation that washes over us.  We feel empowered and smart and we are going to be that super Hero mom that we know is within us and get our SHIT together once and for all!

That was me. 

I might have had an ugly cry, wiped those tears, gave myself a bit of a talking to in the mirror, swiped some gloss across my lips and then sat myself down in front of Amazon and started buying bins.

And shelves.  You need shelves for the books.

And a tracker thingy, for the keys!  Of course we can never find our keys!  WE NEVER HAD ONE OF THOSE (that must be the secret the other moms didn’t tell me!).

And those pantry shelves to hold all the Pop Tarts and I better get some really good Tupperware because when I’m organized I’ll make delicious healthy dinners that we can take to work and school for lunch the next day.

It’s going to be perfect.  

As soon as the Amazon truck backs up into the driveway and drops that pallet of organizing stuff off, I will be the Mother/Wife/Woman who lives that happy, effortlessly organized life that I know I can BE.

Not so much.

I started to fill the bins, but I got stuck looking at baby clothes and baby books and old toys and then old books and then old broken toys and ripped books… 

There weren’t enough bins in any Amazon warehouse for the amount of stuff that was just in my daughter’s closet it seemed.

So, I left that room and went on to the fridge to organize that. 

But then it was time for dinner, so instead I played a round of “Chopped” with the non-moldy stuff I found in the back of the refrigerator.

I’d get to the organizing with Tupperware tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and I decided it would make more sense to start in the family room.  That’s where we wanted to spend the most time together, so that would be smart, right?  

But I got sucked into a marathon of Bargain Mansions and looking at beautiful homes on TV was a lot more interesting than dealing with the mess around me.

Somehow, the more I tried to get organized, the worse it became.  I went back eventually and half-heartedly tidied the messes I’d made, but I never really organized anything.

I just moved junk from the closets into bins.  Which landed in the basement.  Which would eventually, therefore, need to be organized.

It was a wicked cycle. I realized I had absolutely NO idea what to do.

Was I resigned to a life of disorganization and mayhem?

No, but I’ll tell you what finally worked.  

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