Gift Guide: For the Mid-Century Modern Home

Gift guides are put together for two reasons.

First, they are for people who have someone they love enough to buy a gift for and want to find something that is special and meaningful for them.

Second, they are for people who want people to buy them things that they actually want and so they find a gift guide full of things they love and then drop a big old hint that these things are what they want.

This is a multiple win scenario. The gift giver gets to give something that the other person wants. The gift receiver gets something they actually want.

AND, in the second scenario, the gift receiver gets to look at a bunch of stuff they like which is basically like digital window shopping.

Basically, gift guides are a gift in and of themselves. I hope you enjoy this one.

11 Mid Century Modern Decor Gift Ideas They Will Love

This list is basically my Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary list. In case anyone is reading this who needs to buy me a gift.

I love all of this so if you’ve got a Mid Century Modern lover on your gift list, these should be a safe bet!

Mid Century Modern Birdhouse

Mid Century Modern Birdhouse

Every bird will want to live in this birdhouse. I mean, it is the cutest thing ever.

If you know someone who loves birdwatching and you want to get them a gift, don’t get them a plain old birdhouse when you could get them this!

It’s just too adorable. I really love it.

You can find the Mid Century Modern Birdhouse on Etsy.

Graphic Wall Decor

Graphic Wall Decor

I love this art. You are going to need to know the person who you are giving this to.

I mean, if you know me well enough and you know my home, you know I will love this. But this isn’t the type of thing you get for the school secretary.

You can find this beautiful Mid Century Art on Etsy.

Tabletop Planters

Tabletop Planters

These cute little planters don’t come with the plant included and that’s ok.

That allows your giftee to decide if they want real or fake. No need to put any pressure on them to keep a plant alive, right?

I’m sure most people don’t see that as pressure, but as a reformed plant killer, I do.

These are tabletop size which I think is pretty cute.

You can find these Mid Century Planters on Amazon.

Eames Bird

Eames Bird

I have a serious thing for this bird. I didn’t know to be honest until I found this guy that these birds have a name.

They are Eames birds. And I love them.

This the perfect little pop of color that could work pretty much anywhere, so there’s no problem with getting one in whatever is your giftees favorite color and not worrying about the rest of the colors in the room.

You can find the Eames Bird on Amazon.

Minimal Coasters

Minimal Coasters

Dark wood is big in the Mid Century aesthetic. And dark wood needs protection from water.

Therefore, coasters are an excellent gift for anyone that wants to protect their MCM furniture.

Especially these pretty coasters with the geometric design.

You can find these Minimal Coasters on Amazon.

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels

No one ever really wants to buy kitchen towels, but everyone always kind of needs kitchen towels. They are very handy to have around.

These dramatic black and white striped ones are perfect for a mid century kitchen.

You can find the Kitchen Towels on Amazon.

Making Midcentury Modern

Making Midcentury Modern

I can’t say for sure as I haven’t actually taken a poll, but I don’t know that anyone ever buys a coffee table book for themselves.

I mean, they are perfect as a gift, right?

Making Midcentury Modern is perfect for a Hostess that you know loves MCM.

You can find Making Midcentury Modern on Amazon.



When you’re picking a gift for someone that maybe you don’t know super well, but you want to get them something a little unique, choosing something in the Mid Century style is perfect.

Decor pieces are usually minimal and sculptural which makes them interesting without screaming for attention. These white vases are a great example of that.

You can find the pair of White Vases on Amazon.

Cute Red Alarm Clock

Cute Red Alarm Clock

Every now and then we should all have a little bit of whimsy in our homes.

Just something small that says, I am a fun person, see I have a cute alarm clock.

It is small, but it will be the thing that makes your giftee smile a little when she walks in the room.

You can find the Red Alarm Clock on Amazon.

Yellow Hobnail Plant Pots

Yellow Hobnail Plant Pots

Here is another great little pop of color and style.

Yes these little plant pots are very bright. But they aren’t the centerpiece of any room.

They can be one little moment in the room that brings a little bit of sunshine and happiness. Plus a plant.

Although I think I would use that littler one for something other than a plant, but that’s beside the point. These would be a great gift.

You can find pretty Yellow Plant Pots on Amazon.

Minimal Dinner Setting

Minimal Dinner Setting

I cannot tell a lie. I put these place settings on this list because I really want them.

So I assume other people like me would want them, too. Ergo, they are a perfect gift.

Even if it is a little odd to give someone a set of dishes for their birthday. I would love it.

You can find this Dish Setting on Amazon.

Be The Best Mid Century Modern Gift Giver

You can do it! You have all of my favorite Mid Century Modern gift ideas to make sure of it.

And no, you don’t have to send me a thank you gift for helping you win the Gift Giving Championship.