10 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas They’ll Love Over & Over

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You know what can be difficult? Figuring out a hostess gift or a housewarming gift or anything home related when you don’t really know what the person has.

You can look at this two ways.

  1. Get them a gift card (boring)
  2. Pick something original, funny, beautiful or all three that will make her smile everytime she sees it.

I pick option 2.

The key to buying the perfect hostess gift is to get something that they never would have bought for themselves. It will become one of those special things that she can use while hosting (or any time) and thinks, what a great idea for a gift this was.

10 Hostess Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Cheese Board

Cheese Board

Here is a really perfect hostess gift. She will use it for every party or small gathering she hosts.

It is beautiful but it also can work in pretty much any space.

Plus I love how there’s a secret compartment for the cheese knives. Super cool.

You can find the Cheese Board on Etsy.

Candle Set

Candles are great as a hostess gift because you never have to wonder if the hostess needs one.

She does. It doesn’t matter how many you have, you always want MORE delicious candles.

You can find this Coffee Inspired Candle Set on Etsy.

Pretty Dish Towels

Pretty Dish Towels

Dish towels are useful and they are usually pretty.

I happen to love the design of these, but there are countless styles to choose from.

They add a great pop of color to any kitchen.

You can find these Kitchen Towels on Etsy.

Measuring Cups

Measuring Cups

I don’t know about you, but just because I have some measuring cups in my kitchen somewhere does not mean that I would not absolutely love another set.

Especially another set that is as pretty as this one. This is the measuring cup set that gets set out on the open shelving. Your plastic ones get shoved in a drawer.

Right? So don’t worry about whether or not your giftee already has a set. She’ll want another. Promise.

You can find this Ceramic Measuring Cup Set on Etsy.

Beautiful Coasters

Beautiful Coasters

These coasters stopped me in my tracks when I saw them. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

This is a great gift because while it is quite colorful, it’s just a small bit of color in the whole scheme of a room. So they would look beautiful on pretty much any coffee table.

You can find the beautiful Leaf Coasters on Etsy.

Seed Bombs

Seed Bombs

If your hostess is a gardener, she might love these pretty seed bombs.

In fact, even if she is NOT a gardener, she might still love these seed bombs. I’m not a gardener but I can imagine myself just flinging these into the yard and crossing my fingers.

Wait, that’s not how they work? Ok, fine, maybe they are better for a real gardener.

You can find the Rainbow Seed Bombs on Etsy.

Ruffled Fancy Apron

Ruffled Fancy Apron

Here’s another great item to add to the “She’ll never buy one for herself, therefore this is the perfect gift idea” list.

Do you have an apron? Me either. But I would wear this if someone bought it for me.

It’s so adorable. It sets an image in your mind, right? People show up at your home, you’re lightly dusted in a little flour. You’ve got on this smart little apron.

It’s a whole setting that you’ve created. With an apron. I love it.

You can find the Fancy Ruffled Apron on Etsy.

Flower Petal Soap

Flower Petal Soap

I can distinctly remember flower shaped soap in the bathroom of my home growing up.

I don’t know where they disappeared to, but I do not believe anyone ever actually washed with them. They were more for looks.

Well these flower petal soaps are meant for looks AND to give a beautiful scent to the bathroom. I still don’t know if anyone actually washes their hands with them.

But it’s still a beautiful, unique gift to give.

You can find the Petal Shaped Soap at World Market.

Unique Wine Glasses

Unique Wine Glasses

One thing I love about buying gifts is you can go pretty eclectic with your choice. These wine glasses definitely have a special look to them and so you want to think about that when you buy them as a gift.

Is the giftee someone who will use them? Or will they be a little afraid of how unique these are and stick them at the back of the cupboard? It’s kind of a fun thing to think about.

You can find these unique Wineglasses at World Market.

Gift Basket

Gift Basket

A gift basket like this one is kind of a gift for the whole party.

Sure the hostess gets a cute cheeseboard and knife at the end, but everyone else gets to enjoy the delicious treats that came with the basket!

It’s a total win.

PS, this is exactly the thing to bring the hostess if you are a little iffy on her cooking skills. Just get a basket with stuff you know you’ll like.

You can find this Foodie Gift Basket at World Market.

Go Give That Hostess The Best Gift Ever!

Watch what happens when you bring a good hostess gift.

You’ll start getting invited to more parties. The other party goers will see what you’ve brought and be like, I WANT PRESENTS!

You’ll probably even inspire people to HAVE parties. Just for the Hostess Gifts.

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