Home Organization On Screen: Binge Watch Your Way to a Tidy Home?

I can’t say for sure which came first, my love for making a comfortable, unique home or my love for HGTV.

I have to think it’s my love for making a comfortable, unique home but HGTV has definitely played a part in helping me bring that to life.

That got me thinking. Because we know that a beautiful home only happens when the three parts of the ecosystem (cleaning, organizing, decorating) are in balance, we can’t just decorate and expect to have a home we love.

It has to be clean and organized, too. Cleaning I’ve kind of gotten a handle on finally.

Organization, outside of decluttering, is still kind of something that confuses me and I don’t where to start. I can get rid of stuff, but figuring out what to do with what is leftover is just not something I excel at.


I’m working on getting better and one way that I think might help is to start doing some Home Organization binge watching.

It can’t hurt, right?

If HGTV works with my obsession for a beautiful, unique home, then maybe some Organization tv can help me figure out how to get things organized.

So here’s what’s on my playlist.

X Shows & Videos on Home Organization

Get Organized from the Home Edit

You are going to love Get Organized from the Home Edit. It’s on Netflix, so you can just binge away.

Clea and Joanna are so enthusiastic about organizing that you just can’t not catch it. Like the flu.

Except better. With rainbow organized closets.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

I have to admit, I didn’t really like the Marie Kondo book. It was kind of a disaster for me.

But even though I don’t like her method, I do love the show. It’s inspiring, she is a joy to watch.

She’s the only organizer I’ve heard say, “I’m so excited because I love mess!”. That makes me smile and not feel guilty for being messy.

Tiny House Nation

Ok, Tiny House Nation is not about organizing, exactly. But the finished Tiny House is always SUPER organized because well, it has to be.

It would be miserable to be messy in 300 sq ft. And they come up with some really ingenious ways to store your stuff.

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of a Tiny House, so seeing that minimalist life on the screen is inspiring to me.

Minimalism Documentary

This one is on my to be watched list.

I feel like I could live a minimalist lifestyle but I’m very curious to see how people with families are able to get everyone on board with it.

Or can you just be a minimalist for yourself while the people around you are not?

Bea Organized

Ok, Bea is pretty awesome. She gives exact ideas for how to get certain things organized. She brings you right into her little workroom and you get to see the products that she’s using up close.

There’s something about how she breaks things down that makes it seem much more manageable.

This is one I could binge and let the ideas soak over me and be able to incorporate the into my own life.

And the episodes are SUPER short.