Modern & Handmade from Amazon Handmade

I’m going to give you a little behind the blog scenes here. You’re about to get a list of some pretty awesome things that I found on Amazon Handmade.

What you don’t know, because my job is to filter out the not so great stuff and curate only the best stuff for you, is that there’s a lot on Amazon Handmade that didn’t fit this list.

Like this:

Shoot now I’m looking at that Stevie Nicks Prayer candle and I kind of like it.

But, still, this is a list of Modern Handmade Decor on Amazon Handmade. And Stevie is clearly Boho

What’s my point?

Oh, right, don’t be mad at me if you go searching on Amazon Handmade and find a bunch of weird stuff. I already weeded that out for you, ok?

11 Beautiful Handmade Decor Items from Amazon Handmade

Acrylic Wall Calendar

Sometimes I like utilitarian things like calendars to kind of disappear and create as little visual clutter as possible.

That’s what this wall calendar does. The family name font is pretty, but the rest is just barely there.

I do like those brass corner thingies, too.

You can find the Acrylic Wall Calendar here.

Modern House Numbers

If you want to make a statement at your front door this is a really nice way to do it. I love those big bold street numbers.

If you choose this, you are setting the tone for what everyone can expect from the inside of your house. (no pressure. Ok, a little pressure).

My only question is, what if you live at #3? Kind of not as effective.

You can find the Modern Street Number sign here.

Modern Cat

I love black cats. I have a dog now but don’t tell her, black cats are my first pet love.

I love the modern styling of this black cat and I kind of love the idea of always having a little black cat in the house to remind me of my favorite black cats.

You can find the Modern Black Cat here.

Poppy Lampshade

You can add a ton of personality to your home in unexpected ways.

You could go with the normal white lampshade, or you could pick one bright and exciting lampshade like this one. It’s like putting on a statement necklace.

Suddenly your boring white tee shirt is super cute!

You can find the Happy Yellow Lampshade here.

Grain Sack Pillow Cover

I know, I know, this is Farmhouse. But it’s clean lines make it Modern Farmhouse and also I think it’s pretty awesome, so this grain sack pillow cover has earned it’s place on this list.

There are actually a few variations of this, but this one was my favorite. If you wanted something even a little more Farmhouse, there are other choices.

You can find the Grain Sack Pillow Cover here.

Peony Wall Decals


Right? I mean that is pretty stunning, isn’t it? You definitely need to be prepared to design a whole room around that giant gorgeous statement.

You can find the Peony Wall Decals here.

Trinket Dish

I’ve seen a lot of trinket dishes in my day.

This one is truly unique. I love the sort of inlay stones. It’s really so unique. And so perfectly handmade looking. Artisan, really.

You can find the Modern Trinket Dish here.

Face Planters

Get it? Face Planters?

No, seriously these little planters are the perfect little touch to really help bring your style to the next level. If cute, adorable, funny planters fit with your style.

You can find the Face Planters here.


I aspire to be a person who has multiple gorgeous place settings to pull out on different occasions. Right now I have plain white Ikea and Thanksgiving only plates.

So maybe this is the third set of place settings for me?? I can’t tell you how much these speak to me. I hope they speak to you, too.

You can find the Modern Dinnerware here.

Go Add Some Personality with Amazon Handmade

I mean, add some personality to your room.

You’ve got plenty of personality. I can tell.