Gift Guide: For the Farmhouse Home

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Gift guides are put together for two reasons.

First, they are for people who have someone they love enough to buy a gift for and want to find something that is special and meaningful for them.

Second, they are for people who want people to buy them things that they actually want and so they find a gift guide full of things they love and then drop a big old hint that these things are what they want.

This is a multiple win scenario. The gift giver gets to give something that the other person wants. The gift receiver gets something they actually want.

AND, in the second scenario, the gift receiver gets to look at a bunch of stuff they like which is basically like digital window shopping.

Basically, gift guides are a gift in and of themselves. I hope you enjoy this one.

11 Farmhouse Decor Gift Ideas They’ll Love

One thing I love about Farmhouse decor is that it’s a lot of black and white. That makes it perfect for gift giving.

You don’t have to worry about, “Does it go?”.

You can pretty much not go wrong with any of these! Gift giver win!

Personalized Farmhouse Sign

Personalized EST Farmhouse sign

One of the things that is important when you’re choosing a gift is to choose something that the recipient might not spend money on themselves, but they would really, really love it.

That can be a big thing, like this personalized Farmhouse sign.

Or it might be something small that receiver might not remember to put on her shopping list (like the spoon rest that’s coming up!). But she’ll use it daily and think of you!

You can find the Personalized Farmhouse sign on Etsy.

Personalized Book Set

Personalized Decorative Book Set for your Farmhouse Gifts

Do you notice a tiny theme in these gifts? Besides Farmhouse?


These adorable little books don’t have to be personalized, but how special is this to be able to put on a mantel or bookcase?

You can find the Personalized Farmhouse Book Set on Etsy.

Dough Bowl Candle

Farmhouse Gift Idea - Dough Bowl Candle

It’s times like these, when I come across something as beautiful as this that I say forget about what your “style” is and buy things that you love.

I don’t have a Farmhouse, but I love this. This is a really a beautiful gift for anyone with any style.

You can even customize the scent. I mean I just love this. Maybe this will just be a gift to me from me.

You can find the Dough Bowl Candle on Etsy.

Seasonal Farmhouse Decor Gift Set

Seasonal Farmhouse Decor Gift Set

I love seasonal decorating but it can feel a little overwhelming.

Luckily, Etsy has sellers who put together these adorable seasonal decorating boxes. This one happens to be for Fall, but as the seasons roll around, you can get the appropriate season.

This is great for a tiered tray or a mantel. It’s also one of those things that you might not spend money on for yourself, so it’s a perfect gift.

You can find the Seasonal Decor Boxes on Etsy.

Cozy Blankets

Cozy Blankets

We’ve ventured outside of traditional Farmhouse black & white, but in my opinion, a good throw blanket is always a hit and you can never have too many.

Once Fall rolls around, I have blankets everywhere. Ok, to be honest, they are everywhere in every season because I just like blankets.

But even if you were to go for a bold color like that red plaid as a gift, it’s going to look beautiful somewhere even if it’s stored in a basket as a pop of color.

You can find these pretty Throw Blankets on Etsy.

Farmhouse Pillows

Farmhouse Pillows

I hesitated on included these Pillow covers as an option for a gift. I mean, it might be a little odd.

But imagine you become the Pillow cover gifter? Really pillow covers are such a simple decor item and they can be a lot of fun to change out at different times. They can completely change the look of your sofa or bed.

So maybe it’s a seriously awesome idea to be the person that gives a pillow with a cover and then every year you give a different pillow cover?


You can find the Farmhouse Pillow covers on Etsy.

Home Body by Joanna Gaines

Home Body by Joanna Gaines

This beautiful book by Joanna Gaines is perfect for a Farmhouse lover, but really this could be for anyone who love Home Decor.

It’s beautiful to look at and it’s helpful, too. It’s not just a picture book.

You can find Home Body on Amazon.

Tiered Tray

Tiered Tray

Tiered Trays are a thing. It’s like a little altar set up to express your creativity.

I have mostly seen them done in a Farmhouse style, so I am on the prowl for Tiered Trays in different styles, but if you love Farmhouse, this one is perfect.

I love these because they are so versatile. It can be for decor, or if you need a serving surface for cupcakes, it can be that, too!

You can find this Farmhouse Tiered Tray on Amazon.

Farmhouse Spoon Rest

Farmhouse Spoon Rest

Do you have a spoon rest? I don’t. And probably about 5 nights a week I think to myself, I could use a spoon rest.

But do I ever buy myself one?

No. Because I don’t ever think about spoon rests outside of those moments when I a cooking and need one.

Therefore, a spoon rest is an excellent gift. It’s the perfect hostess gift idea, actually.

You can find this Farmhouse Spoon Rest on Amazon.

Farmhouse Vases

Farmhouse Vases

It’s little things like these vases that start to take your house from “house” to “Home”.

They are simple, but they have some texture happening and they’ll fill a small corner of your mantel perfectly.

Add some flowers in the spring or sprigs of evergreen in the winter and they are even more home-y.

You can find these Farmhouse Vases on Amazon.

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are an excellent gift for that person that you want to get something for, but you don’t have a ton of money to spend and you don’t really know the person super well.

Like, for example, don’t get your wife kitchen towels for her birthday. But you can totally get kitchen towels as a gift for your Aunt who hosts an Ugly Sweater Party every December.

Get it?

These are a great pattern and will add some interest to the kitchen.

You can find the Farmhouse Kitchen Towels on Amazon.

Did You Find the Perfect Farmhouse Gift?

I hope you did. I hope you are the winner of the unspoken Gift Giving Competition that happens around the world.

Oh, you didn’t know about it? The winner gets a medal that says, “I’m a Champion Gift Giver”.