Family Room Update

Bedroom is officially done except for putting together one more nightstand which the first one took me three hours so I have been putting them off like you would have never seen before.

So I’m on to the Family Room. The holidays are fast approaching and well, I mean, it’s not like we can really have a holiday party during a pandemic, but you know it will still be nice to have the Family Room nice.

It’s actually already pretty close to done except that it needs a paint job and a couple of chairs. Oh and I’d like to do something to the fireplace, but mostly all the pieces are in place as far as furniture.

I’ve got the Ektorp couch from Ikea which fits perfectly in my Family Room. If you need a smaller scale sectional, it’s perfect.

Back in the Spring I added the coffee table, the media cabinet and the rug. (It’s a Ruggable. I love it and you can check out my Ruggable Review).

That looks sparser than it actually is. But it definitely needs some filling out. Here’s what I’m imagining.

You might remember the chairs from my green accent chair post. They are sadly out of stock at the moment but that’s ok because I can’t technically afford them right now anyway!

But the rest is just a few cute accents.

The planter I think is funny on top of the table because it’s basically three mini versions of the table.

The Eames bird I am a big fan of. Huge. I love it.

The shelves above the couch are just picture ledge size. I don’t know exactly what I would put on them, but I actually really like the greenery in the mock up.

And then there’s that lamp. I’m on the fence on that. We’ll have to see. I love it, but I don’t know if I love it in this room.