How To Cozy Up Your Home for Fall with Throw Blankets

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Right about the middle of August something changes. It’s a tiny change. You almost can’t notice. But it’s there.

A couple of leaves start falling. The night air is a little cooler.

It triggers my throw blanket vibes and I want to wrap everything in a sweater even though it’s still 85 in the warm sun.

It’s a great time to start pulling out the throw blankets.

Throw Blanket Ideas To Keep You Warm


Throw blankets where ever you might sit, pretty much. The couch, the chair, the bed, the office. If you might catch a chill there, put a blanket on it.

They are the first step to a cozy, warm home.

This is my current absolute favorite in the world throw blanket:

Faux cashmere throw blanket

The most important thing is how soft and warm this throw is. It’s perfect for a little nap on the couch. I’m sitting under this throw right now and I couldn’t be cozier.

Almost as important is the style. I love the color block and the tassels. I have the yellow one and the navy blue is on my list to add to our bedroom.

This is faux cashmere throw is super budget-friendly, too. You can find this throw on Overstock.

If you’re ready to splurge a little on your Throw Blanket habit, then you might want to check out a Pendleton.

Pendleton throw

They come in all sorts of designs, from vibrant and colorful to patterned neutrals and they are as beautiful as they are functional.

If you want to add all the pops of color with just one throw blanket, this is the colorful throw blanket you want:

Pretty dotted blanket

There’s a story behind this pretty throw. And it’s not how it’s made by weavers in Ireland from lambswool. Although that’s a good story, too.

Then there are these sweatshirt throws:

Sweatshirt material throw

Did you even know they make throw blankets from sweatshirt material? It’s brilliant, right? These are really perfect for your teenagers room, but I would totally keep this for myself. In fact, I might.

You can find this Nap So Hard throw blanket on Etsy.

If you aren’t ready for a fully, warm cozy throw, then a Kantha throw might be a great transition from summer into Fall if it stays warm through October where you are.

Kantha throw - colorful pink and blue

A Kantha throw is lighter weight and usually dripping in gorgeous saturated color, like this Kantha from Etsy.

This is great for your Boho living room. Or bedroom.

But what do you do with all your throw blankets? On the couch and thrown over your favorite chair, of course, but there are lots of other options, too.

Toss them in a basket like this one from Overstock:

Cozy basket to keep your throws.

I also love the idea of a blanket ladder like this one from Etsy:

Throw blanket ladder for storage

The ladder keeps the blankets tidy and totally cozy. It’s perfect if you are like me and can never seem to get the perfect throw blanket “drape” over the couch.

I swear there must be a trick to that.

(Side note, there is a trick to that, apparently. The DIY Playbook has the right way to do it. I’ll have to test this out one of these days).

There’s also of course the “effortlessly tossed across the bed” throw blanket display:

Cozy throw blanket on bed

I can’t seem to get that one quite right usually, either, but I will keep trying.

Go Get Your Throw Blankets Out

In the time it’s taken me to finish writing this post about throw blankets in August it’s gone from 85 degrees and sunny (yesterday) to 65 and raining (today).

So, see, that Fall thing happens in small ways that will probably be gone again tomorrow, but it will be back.

And you’ll want a throw blanket.

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