Trim Your Tree With Unique Christmas Tree Ornaments Meant for You

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In August Christmas is a magical time in the future when you will have a perfectly trimmed tree and beautiful Christmas decor.


There’s a lot going on by the time you’re in the thick of the Christmas spirit. You barely recover from Thanksgiving and it’s like a time bomb ticking above your head to get in Christmas mode.

Let’s plan ahead (hopefully you’re reading this pre-December. I am writing it in August) a little and make December the dream it is in August.

We can start with finding some unique, just right, ornaments you will love.

15 Unique Christmas Ornaments You Will Love Because They Are So You

We love something that is a reflection of our personal style. That’s the key really to making a home that you really love.

Take a look through these Christmas Ornaments and see if any speak to you. Really just to you. Not what your mom would like or would your neighbor would like.

What would you like?

Wooden Ornaments

First, these wooden ornaments are really pretty and intricate. That’s what makes them special.

But, second, they are in a set. In my opinion, one way to make a beautiful Christmas tree is to have some repeaters. Similar, but not exactly the same ornaments all throughout the tree.

It makes the tree feel pulled together and cohesive.

If that’s the look you’re going for you can find this set of Wood Snowflake ornaments on Etsy.

Simple Bead Ornaments

Snowman Personalized Ornament

Rustic Garland

Woodsy Rustic

Classic Buffalo Plaid

Minimal Cheer

Quilled Snowflakes

Perfectly Pink

Handpainted Heirloom Ornaments

Russian Doll Ornaments

Mid Century Modern Home Ornaments

Playful Gnome Ornaments

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments

Swarovski 2020 Ornament

Ready to Trim Your Tree With Some Unique Christmas Ornaments?

If it’s actually August as you read this, don’t trim the tree, but don’t be afraid to be prepared for when you DO trim the tree.

Make the season cheery and unique and relaxed. Plan ahead.