What Do You Need In A Bedroom?

Is this question self-explanatory? Does anyone need an answer to “What do you need in a Bedroom?

It seems like a super simple question, but I’m going to tackle it today and see if maybe there are some things that you might not have thought of.

Bedroom Requirements

First I want to tell you that the bedroom we are talking about does not have an en suite Master Bath so there may be some things on the list that you don’t need because they are covered in the bathroom.

(PS, it’s my bedroom that I’m talking about technically which I am in the midst of re-decorating so that’s why I’m going through this list. I don’t want to miss a thing here).


I started with the obvious one.

You need a bed in the bedroom. For sleeping. Daybed, twin bed, king size bed. Something to rest your head on.


For coziness and warmth. And for fighting over.


For resting your head.

Standing Mirror

Because you look good.

Clothes Storage

Otherwise you will have a mess. The more clothes storage the better.

Bedside Tables

Once you are in your bed, you do not want to get out. I mean, at least for 8 hours. So you need a good bedside table to hold the essentials.


I never knew how much I love a rug in the bedroom until I finally had one. It’s a tiny luxury.


I actually love the sun streaming in, but if you like a dark bedroom, then some good black out curtains are your best friend.


All rooms need good lighting. Some bedside lights, a vanity light maybe? I love Hue lights in the bedroom.


If you don’t have a Master bathroom, I strongly recommend a vanity in your bedroom. You can have a few moments to yourself to brush your hair and put your makeup on before you face the day.