Autumn Decor On A Budget (Shh! It’s from Walmart!)


Listen. I don’t want to go to Walmart. It’s busy. The lines are long. There’s so much there. I mean. There’s everything on the planet in one Walmart store.

I don’t like it.

However. You can’t beat their prices and I’ve bought some things from Walmart over the years that I’ve been really pleased with. Like the kitchen table I bought 12 years ago that is still in amazing condition and looks beautiful.

So, we’re going to get the best parts of Walmart, quality stuff for cheap, without having to go to Walmart.

You don’t even have to browse online. I picked the best Walmart Autumn decor for under $25 and you can just choose whatever you like. And have it delivered to your door.

Without having to look for a parking space.

9 Autumn Decor Ideas That No One Will Guess Are From Walmart

I wonder if I had just taken Walmart out of this post all together, not mentioned where any of these items were from, would it make a difference.

It would be like a blind taste test except for Decor instead of Pepsi.

You’d click over and be like, OH IT’S WALMART! WHAAAT?!?!?

Thankful Banner

You know I love some word art. This little Thankful banner is perfect for the Fall season.

It’s got leaves which I don’t really need to be reminded of leaves since they are everywhere in the Fall, but they are pretty. And it’s got Thankful. For Thanksgiving.

I mean. Thankful is for all year, but you know.

You can find the Thankful Banner here.

Autumn Throw

I’m curious to know what “cashmere-like” feels like for under $25. This blanket is pretty enough to take a chance on, right?

I love the colors and plaid is so very autumn. I don’t really have a room in my house that this would go in. I might have to see if there are other colors that would work for me and test this guy out.

You can find the Autumn Throw here.

Pumpkin Spice Pillow

Here’s what’s great about this Pumpkin Spice pillow. Well, one thing that is great.

It’s not the garish orange of Fall that you might have expected of Walmart (I mean there were some things that didn’t make this list that were garish). It’s really nice warm orange, brown and a little yellow.

You can find the Pumpkin Spice pillow here.

Welcome Mat

I don’t know about you, but I do not like to spend a lot of money on a welcome mat.

I mean, we don’t just step on it, we forcefully scrub our filthy shoes against and we leave it outside all year.

So Walmart is a great place to buy your next Walmart. Especially when it’s as cute as this one.

You can find the Give Thanks door mat here.

Fall Pumpkins

Ok, so Walmart has these cute little pumpkins in white and in orange, too. But the orange was a little too super orange and the white ones looked like the might have been a little yellow-y.

Then I saw these kind of quirky multicolor ones and I thought. Those might be really kind of awesome in the right setting. The colors are pretty cool.

If you want to take a shot at these Quirky Pumpkins, you can find them here.

Orange Berry Wreath

Ok, Walmart did itself a disservice with this yellow backdrop. This wreath, set against the write color (like black or white or something other than dayglow yellow) is really quite lovely.

I love the addition of the small white berries so that it’s not just completely orange.

You can find this Orange Berry Wreath here.

Fall Candles

I love the idea of Fall candles as a little bit of decor and scene setting. You live in your home and experience it with all of your senses, include your sense of smell!

Adding a pretty candle like this one (prettier if you can get most of the packaging stuff off), is a great way to add to the smell, or umm, aroma is a better word, of your home.

You can find this Fall Candle here.

Fabric Pumpkins

I love some pumpkin decor. You can DIY these cute Fabric pumpkins, buy why bother when you can get this cute pair for less than $15?

It’s a great combo the small orange plaid and the black & white buffalo check.

You can find the Fabric Pumpkins here.

Metal Pumpkin Garland

If you go for Farmhouse style, you gotta get this garland. How cute and unexpected is this?

It’s the perfect thing for your mantel and it’s Farmhouse while still being a little bit modern. I love this and I don’t like Farmhouse. Sometimes I think I do secretly like Farmhouse since I always find Farmhouse stuff I love.

If you love the Pumpkin Garland, you can find it here.

Let’s Not Go to Walmart and Still Go To Walmart for Our Autumn Decor!

Deep down I’m a bargain hunter and I find great joy in saying “I got it at Walmart” after someone says, “OH, I love that!”.

They are always shocked. And that’s always fun. So let’s see if you can get that reaction. I bet the Pumpkin Garland does the trick.